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Creating a logo or “Mark” requires many design principles.

By Stan Sweeney, Creative Director

First your name should reflect the brand, business or service.

Your name and logo is your signature.

Be relevant - logo design must fit YOUR brand.

Be unique - if you can interchange another name with the logo design, it is not unique! If the logo is unique it will not look like another logo. Dig, dig, dig deep with your logo design!

Be memorable - While the design must be unique it must still be memorable.

Be simple - simple gives your logo memorability. The logo must be simple to be reproduced in very a small size.(will the logo work on the tail of an airplane, a stamp, outdoor board, TV spot, packaging.) Don’t try to do everything with a logo. BE SIMPLE! KISS!

Communicate the brand or service - in a positive manner. Your logo should smile and be friendly.

Be contemporary and uplifting - in a positive manner. A logo is the face and ambassador for the company. It should transcend languages. It should be universal and work worldwide. (Apple, Nike)

Don’t be trendy - like fashions that are quickly out of style. don’t use gimmicks - there are enough copies of “The Swoosh” logo. There is only one true swoosh logo - Nike. Don’t plagarize! Fines are costly!

Think in color - communications are in color. Even newspaper is mostly color. Don’t ignore black and white and one color versions though.

Create many designs to allow the creative process to really work. Design over several sessions to allow some fermentation of work. This will allow your judgement to focus.

Great memorable logos will live for generations if crafted properly.

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